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Introduction to Digital Subscriber Line - DSL

Introduction to Digital Subscriber Line - DSL Book

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   Digital Subscriber Line - DSL

A digital subscriber line transmits digital information, usually on a copper wire pair. Although the transmitted information is in digital form, the transmission medium is usually an analog carrier signal (or the combination of many analog carrier signals) that is modulated by the digital information signal.

This figure shows a simplified ADSL communication system that consists of a digital subscriber line access mulitplexer (DSLAM), local distribution lines that start from a main distribution frame (MDF) wire cabinet that brings the connection to the digital subscriber line (DSL) modem at the customer's location. Modems in the DSLAM convert the digital signals from the internet to high frequency signals that travel down the telephone line to the DSL modem. The DSL modem converts the RF signals back to its original digital form so it can be provided to the customer's computer. Most DSL technologies (such as ADSL shown in this example) transmit the data information on frequencies about the audio channel. This allows for the simultaneous transmission of analog and data signals on the same telephone line. The highest frequencies are used transmission from the DSLAM to the DSL modem and frequencies just above the audio band are used to transmit from the data from the customer to the DSLAM. Typical DSL technology allows up to 6 Mbps to be transmitted to the customer and up to 640 kbps can be received from the customer.

Digital Subscriber Line - DSL Diagram

Digital Subscriber Line - DSL Diagram

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   Digital Subscriber Lines - DSL Books

Introduction to Cable Television (CATV) Book

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Introduction to Digital Subscriber Lines - DSL

This book covers the different types of DSL systems, why DSL is so important to telephone operators, and what services it can offer. It explains how DSL technology allows a standard twisted copper wire to provide broadband (1 Mbps+) and ULTRA broadband (10 Mbps+) data and high quality broadband data, digital telephone and IPTV television services.

$14.99 Printed, $11.99 eBook

DSL For Dummies

Understanding Digital Subscriber Line Technology

Fundamentals Of Dsl Technology
DSL For Dummies
David Angell,Paperback - REV, Edition: 2,Series: For Dummies Series, English-language edition,Pub by Wiley, John & Sons, Incorporated
Understanding Digital Subscriber Line Technology
Thomas Starr, John M. Cioffi, Peter J. Silverman,Other Format - New Edition,Series: Prentice Hall Communications Engineering Series, English-language edition,Pub by Prentice Hall
Fundamentals Of Dsl Technology
Philip Golden,Hardcover - New Edition, English-language edition,Pub by AUERBACH


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