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Interexchange Carrier - IXC Interexchange Carrier - IXC
Inter-exchange carriers - IXCs are communication companies that interconnect local systems with each other. IXCs are also known as long distance carriers. In the US, from 1984 until 1997, IXC and LEC operating companies were legally required to refrain from engaging in directly competitive business operations with each other. Since 1997, one business entity can engage in both IXC and LEC business if it satisfies certain competitive legal rules. In Europe and throughout the rest of the world, the same PTT operators also usually provide inter-exchange service within their country. In any case, governments regulate how networks are allowed to interconnect to local and long distance networks. For inter-exchange connection, networks as a rule connect to long distance networks through a separate toll center (tandem switch). In the United States, this toll center is called a point of presence (POP) connection.
Interexchange Carrier - IXC Inter-Exchange Carrier - IXC Network System
Inter-Exchange Carrier - IXC Network System Diagram
This figure shows a diagram of an inter-exchange carrier network. This diagram shows that the IXC interconnects LECs and CLECs will teach others through POP switching points. Access lines connect the IXC POP switching centers with LEC and CLEC tandem switching systems. These interconnection lines are typically dedicated high-speed carrier transmission lines such as DS3 or OC3 lines.
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